LBI Group Companies, Vivian W. Logan, President

LBI Group Companies, Inc.
Vivian W. Logan, President
777 S. R. L. Thornton Frwy.
Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75203
214-941-3600, voice
214-941-3640, fax 1.888.814.3019, toll-free

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Audio, Visual, Presentation, Video & Multimedia, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Heritage Systems, an Office Funiture Supplier, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc., Osborne Janitorial Supplies, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Lighting Products, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments - 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Electro-Optics, 214-941-3600


A & E Technologies

LBI Group Companies, Inc. introduces A & E Technologies offers a wide array of manufacturers carrying such products as audio visual, presentation, video and multi-media. These manufacturers range from AMX, Kodak, JVC, Panasonic, Fuji, Zenith, Sony, Tota, Maxwell, Da-Lite, Bretford and many others too numerous to list.

Fuji Camera      Aver Digital Slide Presenter
Christie Projector Lamp     AudioVox 8-inch portable DVD Player, #D1817

We offer Visual Presenters, Speakers and stands, cassette players/recorders, security products (metal detectors), TV's and Monitors, Lighting for low wattage camera light, high wattage AC camera light and more.

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