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LBI Group Companies, Inc.
Vivian W. Logan, President
777 S. R. L. Thornton Frwy.
Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75203
214-941-3600, voice
214-941-3640, fax 1.888.814.3019, toll-free

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Audio, Visual, Presentation, Video & Multimedia, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Heritage Systems, an Office Funiture Supplier, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc., Osborne Janitorial Supplies, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Lighting Products, 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments - 214-941-3600

LBI Group Companies, Inc. Electro-Optics, 214-941-3600



LBI Group Companies, Inc. -- Lighting has developed a reputable and established relationships with credible lighting suppliers.

Our business partners are suppliers of domestic and foreign miniature lamps, sealed beams, and hard-to-find lamps. Many have been serving the lamp industry for over 50 years and stock over 25 million bulbs, sockets, and indicator devices.

Lamp Bulb   miniature lamps

We only offer high quality, low cost Incandescent lamps in both common "A" types as well as large lamp "PS" types. If you are seeking Reflector Lamps, we are able to get our hands on a wide variety of high quality lamps at incredible prices!

Please call LBI Group Companies, Inc. for ALL your company's Lighting Needs! We have access to the following as well as many, many more brands:

  • Replacement Lamps: IBM Projector Lamp, Infocus Projector Lamp, JVC LCD and DLP Lamps, Knoll Projector Lamp, LG LCD Projector Lamps, LG Zenith DLP TV Lamp, Liesegang Projector Lamp, etc.

  • Lighting: Domestic and foreign miniature and sealed beam lamps, sockets and indicator devices, and hard-to-find lamps.

  • Quartz: Quartz Halogen Lamps, Hybec Halogen Lamps, "JC" Type Quartz Halogen, Landscape Light Bulbs, Bi-Pin Halogen Ball, Double Env. Med (E26) and Mog (E40) Base T-Shaped Quartz Halogen, Par 38 (Med Base, Side Prong) Lamps, Par46 (side prong) Lamps, Par56 (Mogul End Prong) Lamps, Par64 (Ext Mogul End Prong) Lamps, etc.

  • More Lamps: Tuff coats (flourescent tubes, coated A-19, coated Par-38), exit signs, hospitals, restaurant supply, movie theaters, fiber optics, cruise ships, medical equipment lamps, general service light bulbs, coil lights, globes, incandescent light bulbs reflector light bulbs, etc.

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