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LBI Group Companies, Inc.
Vivian W. Logan, President
777 S. R. L. Thornton Frwy.
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Dallas, TX 75203
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Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments

LBI Group Companies, Inc. - Electronics provides a very diverse brand name of electronics test and measurement equipment products.

Digital Signal Oscilloscope        Fluke Three Phase Power Quality Recorder

General Radio 1954, NOISE DOSIMETER, Analog Meters, Sound Level Meters        

Our objective is to assist you with top quality refurbished and new test equipment with reputable manufacturers. Here are a few of the very many manufacturers we deal directly with:

  • New Equipment: Agilent, Credence, Com-Power Corporation, EZ Digital, Fluke, Graphic America, JRC Ltd, Phenix, Probemaster, T&C Power Conversion, Vitrek and others.

  • Refurbished Equipment: Anritsu, B+K Precision, California Instruments, Elgar, General Radio, Instrument Flight Research, Keithley, Power Ten, Sorensen, Tektronix, Wavetek and other credible manufacturers.

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